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Reasons for Dry Hair, and How To Solve It

Why is My Hair So Dry?

Is the texture of your hair changing and they seem to be brittle? Do you often wonder why is my hair so dry? If yes, it’s time to take notice and get help. Dry hair doesn’t just happen overnight. There could be myriad prolonged reasons behind the phenomenon. Common hair care mistakes can cause straw-like frizzy hair.

But fear not! Treating dry hair is easy. Simple hair care habits along with good products can help you get your shiny tresses back. Read these common reasons to answer the ‘why is my hair so dry’ question. So girls, let’s get started. 

Overuse of Heat Styling Tools

Heat-based hair styling tools are a major reason for dry hair. Whether it is a dryer or a curling iron, excessive heat can have a damaging effect on the hair. Avoid daily use of such equipment as they sap the moisture out of your tresses. To avoid dull hair, use suitable heat protectants prior to using heat styling tools. Check out the air dry creams or anti-frizz creams from trusted brands.

Wrong Hair Care Products

Knowing your hair type and which products to use is half the battle won. Recognize the type of hair and choose a range of products that are formulated to nourish them. Check the label to match the hair type. Hair care products with alcohol or excessive chemicals can strip away your nutrients and moisture. Choose products with natural and nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil or argan oil, that strengthen the hair.

Excessive Hair Washing

Washing your hair too often can sap away the natural oils. Yes, hygiene is important but excessive washing is often the cause behind dry hair. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is enough to maintain scalp hygiene and remove dirt. Girls with curly hair face dryness more often. The wash routine must also be optimized as per the environment, job profile, type of water (acidic or basic) and other important factors. Also, hair must be pat and not rubbed post washing. If possible, avoid using a dryer, and let them dry naturally.

Applying Excess Hair Dyes and Bleaches

Human body and harsh chemicals don’t ever gel well. Most sub-standard bleaches and hair dyes are laced with unforgiving chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your delicate hair. The glossy nourished hair can soon turn into frizzy, dull hair. Girls who love hair colors must ensure that only the highest quality natural-ingredient products are applied on the scalp. Use gentle conditioners and shampoos to protect natural oils and radiance of colored hair.

Environmental Factors

Environment plays a huge role in hair care. Harsh geographic locations can have a profound impact on your hair. Harsh winters, scorching sun, high humidity, and chilling winds can all cause dryness. Take appropriate precautions as per the environment and weather. For example, a simple hat can protect against the harsh sun rays in hot climes. During your beach visit, don’t go for prolonged swimming sessions in salty seawater. Public pools are laced with chlorine which can damage hair. Cover your head when walking in extreme cold outdoors.

Tips to Treat Dry Hair

  • Regular scalp massage with hair oil helps nourish the roots. Heat the oil slightly and gently rub on the scalp in circular motions. Leave the oil for 30 minutes after massage. Use almond oil, argan oil or a suitable local variety.
  • Use gentle conditioners and shampoos. Always purchase products that match your hair type. Dry hair needs nourishing products that help retain moisture.
  • Avoid excessive detangling or brushing. It can break the fragile tresses and often cause frizzy hair. Use gentle brush on wet hair.
  • Use a hat in hot weather or a UV protection spray. Also, apply a hair mask for excessive dry climate.
  • Undertake regular hair trims to avoid split ends. Split ends are a major cause behind dry hair.

There’s no guaranteed solution that immediately transforms your dry hair into glossy tresses. You have to cultivate good hair care habits and routinely follow healthy hair nutrition. Also, consider getting professional advice from hair experts. At Mon Amie 2 Hair Salon Ltd. we have the perfect range of hair nourishing products for healthy glowing hair.

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