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Trending Hair Colour Styles

Whether it’s the eye-catching rose blonde or the more subtle face-framing highlights, Mon Amie Hair salon knows just how to do you right by colour. Grab a seat while we take you through all the fabulous trending hair colour styles ladies come to us to for.

Hair colour styles

We’ve seen it all, and for every client, the results are nothing short of magnificent. Hair colour styles is an art that requires the intricacies of skilled hands. You want to have people gasping and wondering something’s-different-but-I-can’t-place-my-finger-on-it. The secret lies with your hair stylist’s hair colouring skills and we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide variety of hair colour styles depending on what you want and how perfectly it suits you. Some of our popular delights include;

  • Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

As delicious as this sounds, believe me it’s even more palatable to behold. The cinnamon caramel swirl is a combination of dark red tones and caramel blond. It works perfectly on brunettes who wish to turn up their style the trendy way. This highlight says I’m class but can be quiet fun when I want to be.

  • Charcoal

For the love of all this grey, Cheers. The charcoal highlights are various shades of grey all worked together to give the perfect blend of colours. Who said going grey can’t be stylish? With the charcoal highlight, ’60s are the new 20’s. It’s a perfect excuse away from the too-bright “unicorn” signatures colours en-vogue.

  • Wine

This particular colour comes in different names, whether you call it wine, deep mahogany. Eggplant or dark maroon we’ve got your message, and they’re all the same. Girls with dark black hair rock this colour perfectly as it simply blends naturally with their hair. This colour as a wide range of shades but the most common types are burgundies, deep mahogany and full crimson. Don’t just love looking like a sultry glass of wine in this colour.

  • Cream Soda

This hair colour will surely make you give J’Lo a good run for her money. This popular yet ageless glow tone has been around for a while yet does the magic every time. This golden hair colour is a honey-hued spot between brunette and blonde that’ll make your skin tone glow.

  • Rainbow roots

For the love of all things colourful yet subtle. Not a fan of fancy rainbow colour? Dye your roots and let the colours work their way naturally into the rest of your hair. It works with a variety of hair tones and ever since we spotted the blonde version on Selena Gomez’s rich dark roots we’ve not taken our brushes off it.

  • Chocolate Mauve

As tasty as this may sound, it’s simply a popular hair colour that could do the magic you want. It’s an ideal look for brunettes.

  • Honeyed red

Copper’s got an elder sibling, and she’s even sexier. Adorn your hair with this subtle dose of honey-golden red and keep looking fabulous are spring long.

  • Frost blonde

Winter is coming, and frost blond is here to stay. Curl up your bleached blond hair with some shades of grey. Let’s hope Elsa doesn’t turn you into a goblet out of envy.

Other awesome colours include

  • Rose Blonde: Millennial pink
  • Subtle Face-Framing Highlights: light highlights around the face
  • Pearl Blonde: the softer side of platinum.
  • Babylights; A mix of Burgundy and blond tones
  • Midnight Blue: A fine line btw black and denim blue
  • Buttery Blonde; ash and bleach-blond tones

There are other amazing colours to choose from, just ask our staff.

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